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  • Tuna Capital of the World | North Lake PEI

    Well it's been said many times, North Lake PEI is the tuna capital of the world! According to hundreds of tourists and big game fishermen from around the world, this region of Atlantic Canada has the biggest Bluefin tuna anywhere in the world.

    North Lake, PEI is at the most Northern point in Prince Edward Island. Whether you come here to fish, swim, or just for a pleasant holiday, PEI certainly is a beautiful Island.

    The History of Tuna in North Lake PEI

    Bluefin tuna were first caught back in the late 1960's according to the locals in North Lake. At the time the villagers thought they were huge oversized horse mackerel. No one knew at the time even if there was a market for the tuna so many fishermen just threw them back. Afterall, they were afer the mackerel. Besides the tuna used to put holes in the mackerel nets, so it's not wonder the fishermen thought the tuna were a nuisance at the time.

    Some time later, anglers from other parts of the world got wind that there were oversized tuna being caught in the waters off North Lake PEI, so they came to see for themselves. They were surprised when they began catching tuna in excess of 1000 pounds day after day.

    This is where the PEI tuna charter business began it is said. The vibrant tuna charter fishery was born when the local fishermen discovered a new fishing season in July to October of each year. Tourists and anglers from as far away as South Africa, Australia, and Germany began lining up to book a tuna charter. This was basically the the beginning of tuna fishing industry in Atlantic Canada.

    North Lake PEI got it's nickname "the tuna capital of the world" as a result, because of the record size of tuna that were caught here. Sports Fishing was a new industry back then in PEI and still continues today where tuna charter boats like the "Tide & Time Charters" make a living taking sports fishermen and tourists alike out to catch a giant bluefin tuna.

    Landing A Giant Bluefin Tuna

    They say there is no feeling like landing a bluefin tuna! It may take a few hours to first see the tuna jumping in the waters off North Lake PEI, or it may only take 15 minutes, but one thing's for sure, the tuna are there!

    Anyone who has caught one of these larger-than-life tuna say it is the most powerful fish they have every caught! No one really expects a tuna to be that strong, but you try battling a giant bluefin tuna for hours and it will definitely wear you down. It is certainly something that you have to experience for yourself. It makes you feel alive, some say.

    Tuna charter fishing in pei is on the rise! Over the past twenty years in Prince Edward Island, we have seen an influx of visitors to this area, all inquiring about catching a tuna fish, and where they might book a tuna charter. Because of the depleted numbers of tuna now in the waters of the Northumberland Strait, the fishing industry imposed a "catch and release" policy to build up the stocks.

    PEI tuna charters say there is a small commercial tuna fishery still in place in the local PEI area but it is licensed and the tuna go mostly to Japanese buyers. This is the best way to preserve the fishing industry is by regulating and monitoring the size of the catches that come in, as well as limiting the amount of tuna that each commercial fishing boat is allowed to catch. So far it's been working and the tuna population is on the rise in Atlantic Canada.

    Again, the Prince Edward Island tuna charter fishery practices catch and release, mostly because the stocks became depleted some time ago due to over fishing. The tuna fishery is rebuilding as there is a commercial tuna fishery present in PEI. 

    But no worries, David Sansom of the Tide and Time Tuna Charters gets the tuna fish as close to the boat as possible where the fish is weighed and you can take as many pictures and videos as you want.

    Catching a giant Bluefin is a rare privilege and fishermen and tourists alike will never forget this tremendous experience. Barb-less circle hooks are used to catch the tuna as they minimize any stress on the fish. We all want to treat these massive Bluefins with the respect they deserve.

    PEI Tuna Fishing Charters

    PEI Tuna Fishing Charters are located in North Lake, Prince Edward Island, just off the coast of Nova Scotia.  David runs his tuna charter business out of North Lake, PEI each year taking avid sports fishermen and tourists alike to catch monster bluefin tuna.

    Well known as the “Tuna Capital of the World”, David know too well that summer in PEI certainly is busy with his tuna charter business. Some of his group tuna charters have caught tuna weighing in excess of 1000 pounds or more! The Tide & Time Tuna Charter boat only has to go a couple miles off shore before seeing the tuna jump out of the water. This is when the exictement begins and everyone springs into action.

    PEI Tuna Fishing Charters have no problem offering a private charter to anyone wishing to book a group tuna charter. Each PEI tuna fishing charter comes with an experienced captain and crew onboard for every single deep sea fishing expedition. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner angler or an avid sports fishermen from Boston or South Africa, it will be a memorable experience out on the tuna laden waters of North Lake PEI.

    Full Day Tuna Charters

    Full day Tuna charters are more fun because they increase the odds of you landing a record setting Bluefin tuna.

    The Tide & Time group fishing charters will take you to the most popular tuna fishing grounds off North Lake, Prince Edward Island where all the biggest tuna hang out. A full day of fishing is better as you can sail from spot to spot in search of the huge fish. Bluefin tuna fishing in PEI is now more popular than shark fishing or whale watching says the local PEI tourism office.

    Professional sports fishermen know this is just part of the game and don't have a problem waiting it out. But, before you know it, the tuna start jumping right before your eyes. The tuna charter fishery in PEI runs from mid July to late October each year, so now is the perfect time to book your next tuna fishing adventure!

    Here is what each tuna charter includes;

    • 8 hours on the water
    • Each charter takes 1-6 people onboard
    • Take a light lunch along with beverages and snacks
    • All the tackle, fishing rods, gear and bait are provided by the tuna charter boat

    For more information on tuna charter pricing, please contact David Sansom at 902-393-8690 or email

  • Tuna Fishing in Prince Edward Island | Bluefin Tuna

    If you are looking for world class tuna fishing adventure of a lifetime, try catching a bluefin tuna in Prince Edward Island !! Prince Edward Island has some of the largest Bluefin Tuna in the world! Hundreds of tourists from all over the world including Europe, Alaska, Boston, and New York come here each year to catch the elusive giant Bluefin tuna.

    The Tide & Time Tuna Charters in PEI certainly does not dissappoint. They have taken many tourists out this summer already who have caught tuna fish weighing upwards of 1000 pounds! If you are looking to book a tuna charter in PEI this Summer or Fall, contact the captain David Sansom to arrange a tuna charter for you and your friends - (902) 393-8690  / Email:

    Tuna Charter Reservations

    Making a tuna fishing reservation is usually the best method of securing your spot. Just call PEI Tuna Charters with your available dates and they will book you in right away. Tide & Time Tuna Fishing Charters participates in the catch and release fishery using barbless circle hooks only. This means there is zero damage to the tuna fish with a 100% success release rate.

    One of the most popular bluefin tuna fishing adventures is off North Lake PEI aboard the Tide & Time Tuna Charter boat! You and your friends are sure to catch a giant tuna upwards of 1100 lbs on any given day.

    When you make a reservation to go on a tuna fishing charter in PEI, you are sure to see much more than just tuna fish. The open waters off North Lake, Prince Edward Island are home to large whales, seals, mackerel, caplin, crab, lobster, as many other types of acquatic marine life.

    North Lake PEI Tuna Charters

    North Lake Tuna Charters (Tide & Time Charters) will provide you with the most memorable fishing experience that will last a lifetime.  North Lake PEI Tuna Charters will present you with the chance to catch a giant bluefin tuna possibly weighing over 1000 pounds. Many tuna that have been caught in North Lake PEI are often record breakers!

    If you want to catch a giant tuna fish than you are sure to have the adventure of a lifetime aboard the PEI Tuna Charters boat captained by David Sansom.  Bluefin Tuna Reservations are recommended so that you don't lose your spot.

    Book your tuna fishing charter today by contacting David Sansom, captain of the PEI Tuna Charters and come aboard the Tide & Time for the tuna fishing adventure of a lifetime.

    David will tell you the best dates to catch bluefin tuna in PEI. The departure times are very flexible, but call ahead just to make sure and book your PEI tuna fishing charter.

    Book A Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charter in PEI Today Phone: (902) 393-8690 / Email:

    Catch And Release

    PEI Tuna charters are usually catch-and-release. Tourists, fisherman, and thrill seekers alike love the thrill of the chase and most have no desire to keep, eat or mount these giant Bluefin Tuna. According to Tourism PEI, tuna fishing is one of the most popular adventures for people coming to PEI each year.

    The tuna charter boat "Tide & Time" is a safe and trusted vessel used by hundreds of tuna fishermen in Prince Edward Island each year. The PEI tuna fishermen make their living from taking out tourists to catch giant bluefin tuna as well as lobster and crab fishing.

    The love of fishing has been passed down from generation to generation for David Sansom. He grew up as a boy fishing on the waters of PEI with his dad in summer since he was like five years old. Later in life, David found the call of the sea was still as strong as ever, so when he took over his father's lobster and tuna fishing boat when he retired. He has owned his own Transport Canada approved fishing boat (Tide & Time Tuna Charters) since 2006, and has taken hundreds of sports fishermen and tourists out to hunt the giant bluefin tuna since that time.

    Tourism PEI

    For those tourist who prefer to go after the big ones, you certainly won't be dissappointed when you book a tuna charter in Prince Edward Island this summer.

    Tourism PEI reports that while some prefer shark fishing, the vast majority of sports fishermen love tuna fishing the most. There are a few tuna charter boats that can handle groups of 6-8 tourists, but the Tide & Time, captained by David Sansom, is the busiest by far.

    Sitting in your seat with a fishing rod sitting firmly in its sheath, you should get ready for the fight of a lifetime that may last for hours. Tuna will definitely pull hard on your fishing line, so the best plan is to steady the tuna charter boat against the giant Bluefin tuna to tire him out. The tuna boat may even travel up to 10 kilometres while trying to wear down a large tuna.

    Tuna Fishing Bookings

    Tuna charters in PEI are usually booked from June to October each year in several locations in Prince Edward Island but North Lake is known for the larget tuna fish and is called "The Tuna Capital of the World."
    The waters are fresh and clean off PEI and great for tuna fishing. All tuna fishermen aboard the Tide & Time Tuna Charters are treated to nature, birds, seals, whales, and magnifient sunsets. The natural beauty of PEI is amazing and must be experienced first hand. The tuna charter boat is fully equipped with fishing gear and washroom facilities for your comfort and you don't have to bring anything when you book a group tuna charter.

    Book your giant bluefin tuna fishing charter today and if you have any questions regarding dates or prices don't hesitate to call us to inquire.

    PEI Tuna Charters
    Captain: Dave Sansom
    Phone: 902-393-8690