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  • PEI Tuna Fishing Charters

    If you are interested in catcing giant Bluefin Tuna off PEI, this summer should be another great season for PEI Tuna Fishing Charters aboard the "Tide & Time"!

    If past seasons where any example of what type of tuna fishing adventure to expect, fasten your seat belts! The tuna fishing boat "Tide and Time", located in PEI,  is one of the best tuna fishing charters in PEI, Canada.

    Dave Sansom, your experienced tuna fishing guide, has caught countless numbers of Bluefin Tuna in the waters off PEI in recent years as is well known for finding the big ones! Tuna fishing is becoming more popluar each year in the Maritimes and is a great fishing experience for all ages and groups including private or corporate. Dave can  take you on a tuna fishing charter for a half day or a full day, it's your choice.

    Tuna Fishing Charter Reservations

    Tuna fishing reservations are recommended because it gets so busy at times, and you don't want to lose out on your spot if you're only in the area for a short few days on vacation. 

    PEI has one of the largest populations of Bluefin Tuna in the world and Dave knows where to do to find the Tuna migrations. There are many migrations of tuna off the waters of PEI, so it would stand to reason that an experienced tuna fishing captain would know where they would strike next. It is a fairly short ride to the fishing grounds and the tuna can strike at any time. Live bait is trolled along behind the boat so a bluefin tuna can bite at any time.

    In the past the Tide and Time Tuna Charter Boat has only gotten a few miles from shore and Bam, tuna jumping everywhere. The PEI tuna fishing season runs from June to October each year and can leave as early as dawn or early afternoon if you prefer. So contact your PEI Bluefin tuna fishing charters with your preferred dates and don't forget to book your tuna fishing charter in pei for the upcoming tuna fishing season in Atlantic Canada.

    1000 Pound Tuna

    There have been many 1000 pound tuna caught off PEI in the past few years, and they seem to get bigger each year! Catch and release is the current method of fishing aboard the Tide & Time Bluefin Tuna Fishing boat.

    The Tide & Time Tuna Charters participates in the "catch and release" tuna fishing industry and uses only barbless circle hooks, so there is a zero chance that the tuna will be damaged during a catch.

    PEI is one of the hottest places for giant Bluefins! Our Bluefin Tuna range from 100-900 pounds on average and have been caught over 1000 pounds with some close to 1100 pounds. Experience is definitely not an asset when it comes to catching Tuna fish. Novices of all kinds, adults and kids included, have caught huge Bluefin Tuna off Prince Edward Island. But, you have to be prepared for a fight, some lasting up to 2-3 hours before landing the big fish. It is sure to get your adrenlin pumping!

    If you are interested in hiring Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters, contact us right away to resever your space aboard the Tide and Time!

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    We love to hear your stories and see your pics or videos of your latest tuna fishing adventure. So jump on our Tide and Time Tuna Fishing Charters Facebook page and like and share our page.

    We'd be only too happy to answer your fishing questions and can get you booked aboard the Tide & Time this summer!

    Tide and Time Tuna Fishing Charters PEI
    Captain: Dave Sansom
    Phone: 902-393-8690

  • Tuna Fishing Season PEI

    We are excited about the 2012 tuna fishing season on Prince Edward Island. We've been fishing mackerel these days.

    Tuna love mackerel as much as we do. They come to our waters to feed on mackerel and herring to fatten up for their winter migration to warmer waters.

    PEI waters are full of the giant bluefin tuna, just waiting for your amazing adventure!

    Join the crew aboard the "Tide & Time" Tuna Fishing Charters in PEI today for a tuna fishing adventure you'll never forget!


    1. "It was a great first experience for me catching my 1st tuna, a really memorable trophy! I was very pleased with your expertise, your patience and dedication in trying to make each customer happy and successful."

    — Bradford Dentremont, Nova Scotia

    2. "Just wanted to tell you once again how great our 2 day fishing trip with Tide & Time was. Very pleased with the way you guys handled the trip - you certainly put us on fish, and made our entire trip a lifetime memory."

    — John Newton, Rapala Canada