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  • Bluefin Tuna PEI

    The Bluefin Tuna in PEI are amongst the largest tuna caught anywhere in the world. This is the reason that you see the influx of thousands of tourists each summer coming to North Lake PEI to try their luck catching one of these monster Bluefin Tuna! The tuna fishing season in North Lake, PEI runs from July to October, wih most of the giant Bluefin being caught in the Northern part of PEI off North Lake.

    Catching a bluefin tuna is on most fisherman's bucket list. Prince Edward Island is the destination of many tourists and anglers alike from all over the world. There are many tuna charters in PEI to choose from if you want to try your luck at catching one of these powerful fish.

    Deep Sea Fishing in PEI

    Many Maritimers and people from all over the world come to go deep sea fishing in PEI each year.

    Prince Edward Island is known for Anne of Green Gables, potatoes, lobsters, and bluefin tuna fishing. Hundreds of tourists visit the beautiful province of PEI every summer. One of the best ways to experience PEI is to deep sea fishing with an experienced tuna charter captain like David Sansom. David runs Tide & Time Tuna Charters, which sails out of North Lake PEI, the tuna capital of the world.

    Deep sea fishing is an experience that the whole family can enjoy. While on vacation head on up to the North Lake area of PEI to book a tuna charter. You won't be sorry!

    Most charter boats, like the Tide & Time tuna, use traditional “jig” fishing lines and heavier type fishing rods and reels to catch the tuna. You don't have to travel very far off shore to catch one of these Bluefins. Usualy two to three miles off shore is the tuna feeding grounds. So while it's called deep sea fishing, it's not like twenty miles out to sea. Most fishermen like to jig mackerel, cod or herring while on board, as they are waiting for the tuna to hit.

    Don't forget to take a camera as the sunsets are amazing and you may see many different types of seabirds, seas, and even whales in the Gulf of St Lawrence or Northumberland Strait areas off PEI.

    Life jackets are provided by the crew of the tuna boat so you don't have to worry about bring this or any other type of gear for that matter. Just bring a lunch and maybe your sunscreen. Nothing but sun and fun here in PEI.

    1000 Pound Tuna Caught in PEI

    This was an unforgettable experince catching a 1000 pound tuna off PEI last year. It took about 4 hours to catch this large bluefin tuna! The guys were exhausting landing this 1000 pound bluefin tuna on the tuna charter boat "Tide & Time" captained by David Sansom. It is an experience of a lifetime catching one of these beauties!


    At PEI Tuna Charters, David runs this private charter boat for several months of the year. You can simply book a deep sea tuna charter with David by emailing or phoning (902) 393-8690

  • Fishing For Giant Bluefin Tuna with TSN’s Kate Beirness and Rod Smith

    Had a great time tuna fishing in PEI back in August 2013 with TSN’s Kate Beirness and Rod Smith who came out for a PEI tuna fishing tour with Tide & Time Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters while visiting for the Kraft Hockeyville 2013 Morell Project.

    See more photos from Kate and Rod's fishing tour and many others in our Photo Gallery.

    North Lake Tuna Charters would be happy to book you on your next tuna fishing adventure. Now is the time to book however, because spots and dates fill up quickly.

    North LakeTuna Charters in Prince Edward Island will make sure you catch giant Bluefin Tuna! Located just a few miles offshore in Northern PEI, anglers from all over the world come to North Lake PEI each summer and fall to catch giant Bluefin tuna!

    Bluefin tuna fish are one of the most powerful fish that you will find in the Atlantic Ocean! If you are looking for your next big fishing adventure, they then contact David Sansom.

    PEI is one of the hottest places for giant Bluefins! The giant Bluefin Tuna range from 200-1000 pounds and have been caught over 11000 pounds on occassion.

    The whole tuna fishing experience is not just for experience fishermen. Newbees and experienced fishermen alike have caught Bluefin Tuna in PEI aboard the Tide & Tuna Charter boat, captained by David Sansom.

    Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters are waiting for your call so book today and don't be dissappointed!

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  • Two Giant Catches from August 2013

    Gordie Snyder provided Tide & Time Tuna Charters in PEI with a couple of great videos of the tuna fishing adventures he and his friends had with us back on August 25, 2013.

    A great day out on the waters off PEI saw two impressive catches of both an 850 lb and a 1,000 lb monster Bluefin Tuna! Check out their videos of their time out on the water with PEI Tuna Charters.