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  • Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing | North Lake PEI

    If you are one of the lucky people who have booked a giant bluefin tuna fishing charter this summer in North Lake PEI, than we can't wait to see what you catch!

    More and more tourists are calling to book tuna charters in PEI aboard the Tide & Time Tuna Charter boat out of North Lake Prince Edward Island. They come from all over Canada and the US trying to catch the giant tuna, often weighing in at over 1000 pounds.

    You will gain a whole new appreciation for fishing when you come aboard the Tide & Tuna Tuna Charter Boat and catch a giant Bluefin tuna! Deep sea fishing is one of the best fishing experiences mostly because the tuna are so big and strong. 

    Once you cast your line into the waters off North Lake, PEI it don't be long before you land one of these monster tuna fish. Some people come to PEI for a feed of lobster, some come to mackerel fish, while others love fishing for giant Bluefin tuna fish in PEI.

    A Great Deep Sea Fishing Adventure

    It goes without saying that fishing for tuna in PEI is one of the best deep sea fishing experiences on the planet! Some of the biggest tuna fish have been caught out in the Northumberland Strait and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. For some reason the largest tuna fish love this area surrounding North Lake, Prince Edward Island. There are quite a few tuna charter boats in this area, but don't go out fishing with just anyone.
    Try booking a tuna charter with an experienced PEI tuna charter captain like David Sansom! He knows the best spots where this giant tuna call home each summer. From July to October each year, David's calendar is full with bluefin tuna charter groups. So if you come to PEI this summer looking for a great deep sea fishing experience why not book a bluefin tuna charter with Tide & Time Tuna Charters.

    Book A Tuna Charter in PEI

    Now is the time to book a tuna charter in North Lake PEI. If you have a group of friends that want to go tuna fishing, this is even better, as you can spread out the cost of the trip amongst 6 of your buddes, rather than just paying it yourself.

    The Bluefin Tuna Fishing season in PEI usually runs form from July to September in the Northumberland Strait in Atlantic Canada. The best tuna charter company is Tide & Time Tuna Charters owned by captain David Sansom, a qualified lobster fisherman from Morell, Prince Edward Island. David is an experienced tuna fisherman as well and loves taking out groups of tourists and fisherman alike to catch the elusive bluefin tuna.

    It gets a tad chilly out on the waters just off North Lake PEI, so it is advised to dress accordingly. All the fishing gear needed to catch tuna are supplied by the Tide and Time Tuna Charter boat. Just bring a jacket or light sweater as it tends to get a bit breezie off shore towards supper time.

    Bluefin Tuna Fishing is an experience like no other! Book your tuna charter today so you don't get shut out this season - Phone: (902) 393-8690  | Email:

    Try Catching a giant bluefin tuna weighing over 800 pounds! That's some fun right there!

    Bluefin Tuna Capital of the World!

    The province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) is the Bluefin tuna capital of the world and tuna charter boats like the Tide & Time Tuna Charters are only happy to take out avid fisherman in this catch-and-release experience.

    North Lake PEI is where it all happens. Things can get crazy fast when one or more tuna grab your bait at the same time. Most times tuna charter boats have a few fishing rods in the water at the same time because there are usually about six people out fishing on each charter.

    It is easy to tempt the tuna with herring or mackeral bait. Once the tuna is landed, which can often take a few hours, depending on the size, it is usally released. No one wants to eat or mount these giant Bluefin tuna so they are released to be possibly caught again on some other charter.

    There are so many tuna out there, you just have to be patient and they will come to the boat. They can't resist the stinky bait so it won't be long before you have the big one on your line.

    If you want to hire Bluefin Tuna Charters in PEI, contact them to book your Bluefin Tuna Charter right away!

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  • Giant Bluefin Tuna Splashes Captain

    Check out our friends Rob and John Newton's tuna fishing adventure aboard Tide & Time Tuna Fishing Charters on Prince Edward Island with Captain David Sansom in October 2012.

    This giant bluefin tuna was a great fight for long-time sports fisher, John Newton. Check out the tuna giving Captain Dave a huge splash at the side of the boat!

    If you are looking to do some Bluefin tuna fishing in PEI this year, contact Time & Time Tuna Charters and they will be happy to book you in -


  • Rob’s Tuna Adventure

    Check out our friends Rob and John Newton's tuna fishing adventure aboard Tide & Time Tuna Fishing Charters on Prince Edward Island with Captain David Sansom in October 2012.

    This 950 lb tuna was caught on custom-made stand-up rod, made by long-time skipper George Roach (in red). Check out the massive belly on this beauty!

    If you are interested in booking a tuna fishing charter in PEI this summer, contact us right away to resevere your spot!