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  • Top Places to Catch Monster Tuna

    Here is a look at 10 of the top places to catch monster tuna in the world!

    Of course “monster tuna" can vary from place to place but usually anything over 300 pounds is considered considerably large!

    Some bluefin tuna can reach up to 1,000 pounds plus like in the Northumberland Strait in the PEI area of Canada.

    1. Prince Edward Island, Canada

    Some of the tuna off the waters of PEI have been record setting in the past few years some ranging in the 1100+ pound category. These definitely are called monster bluefin tuna!

    North Lake, Prince Edward Island has been called the "tuna capital of the world" in recend years!

    According to the local tourism industry and anglers alike, the tuna fishing season runs from summer to Fall in Atlantic Canada where the largest monster tuna have been caught. Contact PEI tuna charters today to find out more!

    There are lots of things to do in summer in PEI like swim, golf, hike, or fish for tuna on deep sea fishing charters.

    2. Reviilagigedos Archipelago off Southernmost Baja

    Here in the Archipelago region of the estern Pacific you can expect to see fairly large yellowfin tuna especially in areas like Baja California Sur, and even Mexico.

    Recent tourism studies have reveiled that the largest cow tuna, so they're called, don't usually migrate to long distances and remain in this particular region of the world.

    3. Venice, Louisiana

    The Venice area of Louisiana nearr the MIssissippi River mouth has some of the largest yellowfin tuna anywhere in North America.

    These waters in the Southern US has some of the biggest tuna anywhere in this area. Some of the tuna are not as large as the ones that you will find in PEI or Nova Scotia, but are nonetheless plentiful!

    4. Westport, New Zealand

    Off the waters of West New Zealand are home to some of the largest bluefin tuna.

    Some blufins in Westport for instanse have been hooked at around 600 pounds or more.

    These bluein tuna are not worl setting but certainly can stir excitement in the most seasoned of anglers!

    5. Cape Hatteras / Mid-Atlantic

    The Mid-Atlantic is home to some of the largest bluefin tuna according to fishermen in this area around Cape Hatteras.

    A visit to this part of the Atlantic won't go unrewarded. Catching a tuna weighing over 5000 is a memorable experience to say the least!

    6. Panama

    Wow, can you imagine landing a yellowfin tuna over 450 pounds on your first tuna fishing adventure. This happens to tourists just about everytime they go out on local fishing charter boats.

    In the waters off Panama and Costa Rica is is no problem to catch tuna weighing between 250 and 500 pounds on any day of the year!

    7. Mauritius and Reunion Island

    Mauritius and nearby Reunion Island provide a good source of tuna for the local fishermen, not just for consumption but to trade on the local markets. One of these large tuna can sustain a village of 100+ for several weeks with the amount of money the tuna fetches at local markets.

    Mauritius sits just off the Madagascar region in the Indian Ocean and is home to large yellowfin tuna.

    8. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

    Record setting tuna have been caught anywhere off Cape Cod, Massachusetts!

    The New England coast is home to the bluefin tuna where anglers, sports fisherment, tourist, and tuna charters come to try their luck each summer and fall

    Stellwagen Bank, Cape Cod is known for some of the largest tuna caught to date! There is a vibrant tuna charter business here just like in Atlantic Canada.

    9. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is home to many a sport fishermen who have caught record setting tuna in recent years.

    Many have called this area "Cow Town" mostly because of the 350 plus pound yellowfin tuna that roam these waters of Mexico! This certain is one of the best places in the world to catch larger monster tuna!