• PEI Waters Teeming With Giant Bluefin Tuna

    Prince Edward Island is Atlantic Canada's Best  Kept Secret As Far As Giant Bluefin Tuna!

    Whether you have been tuna fishing in Boston, New York or South Africa, anglers will all tell you that the North Atlantic waters of the Gulf Stream are the perfect breeding grounds for tuna. They seem to thrive in this area of North America for some reason.

    Perhaps it is naturally a great feeding ground that allow the bluefin tuna to grow up to a massive size of over 1000 pounds! Perhaps it is also the temperature of the water, who knows! One this is for sure, from June to Oct each year, PEI Tuna Charters are super busy taking tourists and anglers alike to catch one of these huge game fish.

    PEI actually have larger monster bluefin tuna than Nova Scotia. What an incredible fishery for tuna charters in Prince Edward Island each year. Most of the tuna charter boats pretty much guarantee each charter trip to be successful. You will certainly land one of the largest fish in the world. It is like a Canadian frieght liner hitting your line when a bluefin tuna grabs your bait.

    You will quickly learn about tuna fish and they fight. As soon as they hit your line, it may take hours before this stubborn game fish is landed. This is why PEI is know as the "Tuna Capital of the World"!

    Tide & Time Tuna Charters PEI

    The love of fishing is what keeps David Sansom of the Tide & Time Tuna Charters in PEI going.

    David grew up fishing on the water with his dad since he was five years old. Later in life, he found that the call of the sea was strong enough to start his own Tuna Charter Business when his father retired. David quickly applied and received his own Transport Canada approved charter boat back in 2006 and has been taking out hundreds of tourists to catch monster bluefin tuna ever since. 

    As a commercial fisherman David Sansom also fishes lobster, mackerel, herring and tuna. David boat the Tide and Time Tuna Charters has become of of the most sought after tuna tuna charter boats anywhere in Atlantic Canada, not just in PEI.

    Anglers From USA Welcome!

    If you are from Boston, Maine, New York, or anywhere else on the Eastern Seaboard in the USA, get in touch with PEI Tuna Charters and make this a year to remember catching monster Bluefin Tuna! The Tide & Time tuna charter boat has taken tourists and anglers out on some of the most memorable deep sea fishing adventures anywhere in North America.

    They have had experienced anglers from South Africa and California come aboard and land 800 pound tuna. They have had tourists from Alaska and Toronto Canada charter the tuna boat and catch record settings tuna over 1100 pounds!

    So if you are from Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington, New York, Boston, or Florida, you are all welcome to catch monster bluefin tuna on the best PEI Tuna Charter boat - Tide & Time Tuna Charters! They have the latest in electronics and fish finding equipment anywhere in the Maritime Provinces.

    The charter boat is well suited for rough conditions if they shoud arise, but normally the waters are pretty calm off North Lake PEI and the captain doesn't go more than a couple kilimeters offshore. You don't have to bring any fishing gear as all the fishing rods, reels, and bait are supplied by the Tide and Time Tuna Charter boat.

    Fisherman from all over the United States have been talking about the huge tuna being caught in the Northumberland Strait off PEI. So if you are a tuna fishing enthusiast, you now know where to come to catch a monster tuna fish - Prince Edward Island!

    So while you are in PEI this summer on a sunset sail or sightseeing tour, don't forget to inquire about booking a tuna charter - Phone: (902) 393-8690  / Email:

  • Top Places to Catch Monster Tuna

    Here is a look at 10 of the top places to catch monster tuna in the world!

    Of course “monster tuna" can vary from place to place but usually anything over 300 pounds is considered considerably large!

    Some bluefin tuna can reach up to 1,000 pounds plus like in the Northumberland Strait in the PEI area of Canada.

    1. Prince Edward Island, Canada

    Some of the tuna off the waters of PEI have been record setting in the past few years some ranging in the 1100+ pound category. These definitely are called monster bluefin tuna!

    North Lake, Prince Edward Island has been called the "tuna capital of the world" in recend years!

    According to the local tourism industry and anglers alike, the tuna fishing season runs from summer to Fall in Atlantic Canada where the largest monster tuna have been caught. Contact PEI tuna charters today to find out more!

    There are lots of things to do in summer in PEI like swim, golf, hike, or fish for tuna on deep sea fishing charters.

    2. Reviilagigedos Archipelago off Southernmost Baja

    Here in the Archipelago region of the estern Pacific you can expect to see fairly large yellowfin tuna especially in areas like Baja California Sur, and even Mexico.

    Recent tourism studies have reveiled that the largest cow tuna, so they're called, don't usually migrate to long distances and remain in this particular region of the world.

    3. Venice, Louisiana

    The Venice area of Louisiana nearr the MIssissippi River mouth has some of the largest yellowfin tuna anywhere in North America.

    These waters in the Southern US has some of the biggest tuna anywhere in this area. Some of the tuna are not as large as the ones that you will find in PEI or Nova Scotia, but are nonetheless plentiful!

    4. Westport, New Zealand

    Off the waters of West New Zealand are home to some of the largest bluefin tuna.

    Some blufins in Westport for instanse have been hooked at around 600 pounds or more.

    These bluein tuna are not worl setting but certainly can stir excitement in the most seasoned of anglers!

    5. Cape Hatteras / Mid-Atlantic

    The Mid-Atlantic is home to some of the largest bluefin tuna according to fishermen in this area around Cape Hatteras.

    A visit to this part of the Atlantic won't go unrewarded. Catching a tuna weighing over 5000 is a memorable experience to say the least!

    6. Panama

    Wow, can you imagine landing a yellowfin tuna over 450 pounds on your first tuna fishing adventure. This happens to tourists just about everytime they go out on local fishing charter boats.

    In the waters off Panama and Costa Rica is is no problem to catch tuna weighing between 250 and 500 pounds on any day of the year!

    7. Mauritius and Reunion Island

    Mauritius and nearby Reunion Island provide a good source of tuna for the local fishermen, not just for consumption but to trade on the local markets. One of these large tuna can sustain a village of 100+ for several weeks with the amount of money the tuna fetches at local markets.

    Mauritius sits just off the Madagascar region in the Indian Ocean and is home to large yellowfin tuna.

    8. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

    Record setting tuna have been caught anywhere off Cape Cod, Massachusetts!

    The New England coast is home to the bluefin tuna where anglers, sports fisherment, tourist, and tuna charters come to try their luck each summer and fall

    Stellwagen Bank, Cape Cod is known for some of the largest tuna caught to date! There is a vibrant tuna charter business here just like in Atlantic Canada.

    9. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is home to many a sport fishermen who have caught record setting tuna in recent years.

    Many have called this area "Cow Town" mostly because of the 350 plus pound yellowfin tuna that roam these waters of Mexico! This certain is one of the best places in the world to catch larger monster tuna!

  • Tuna Capital of the World | North Lake PEI

    Well it's been said many times, North Lake PEI is the tuna capital of the world! According to hundreds of tourists and big game fishermen from around the world, this region of Atlantic Canada has the biggest Bluefin tuna anywhere in the world.

    North Lake, PEI is at the most Northern point in Prince Edward Island. Whether you come here to fish, swim, or just for a pleasant holiday, PEI certainly is a beautiful Island.

    The History of Tuna in North Lake PEI

    Bluefin tuna were first caught back in the late 1960's according to the locals in North Lake. At the time the villagers thought they were huge oversized horse mackerel. No one knew at the time even if there was a market for the tuna so many fishermen just threw them back. Afterall, they were afer the mackerel. Besides the tuna used to put holes in the mackerel nets, so it's not wonder the fishermen thought the tuna were a nuisance at the time.

    Some time later, anglers from other parts of the world got wind that there were oversized tuna being caught in the waters off North Lake PEI, so they came to see for themselves. They were surprised when they began catching tuna in excess of 1000 pounds day after day.

    This is where the PEI tuna charter business began it is said. The vibrant tuna charter fishery was born when the local fishermen discovered a new fishing season in July to October of each year. Tourists and anglers from as far away as South Africa, Australia, and Germany began lining up to book a tuna charter. This was basically the the beginning of tuna fishing industry in Atlantic Canada.

    North Lake PEI got it's nickname "the tuna capital of the world" as a result, because of the record size of tuna that were caught here. Sports Fishing was a new industry back then in PEI and still continues today where tuna charter boats like the "Tide & Time Charters" make a living taking sports fishermen and tourists alike out to catch a giant bluefin tuna.

    Landing A Giant Bluefin Tuna

    They say there is no feeling like landing a bluefin tuna! It may take a few hours to first see the tuna jumping in the waters off North Lake PEI, or it may only take 15 minutes, but one thing's for sure, the tuna are there!

    Anyone who has caught one of these larger-than-life tuna say it is the most powerful fish they have every caught! No one really expects a tuna to be that strong, but you try battling a giant bluefin tuna for hours and it will definitely wear you down. It is certainly something that you have to experience for yourself. It makes you feel alive, some say.

    Tuna charter fishing in pei is on the rise! Over the past twenty years in Prince Edward Island, we have seen an influx of visitors to this area, all inquiring about catching a tuna fish, and where they might book a tuna charter. Because of the depleted numbers of tuna now in the waters of the Northumberland Strait, the fishing industry imposed a "catch and release" policy to build up the stocks.

    PEI tuna charters say there is a small commercial tuna fishery still in place in the local PEI area but it is licensed and the tuna go mostly to Japanese buyers. This is the best way to preserve the fishing industry is by regulating and monitoring the size of the catches that come in, as well as limiting the amount of tuna that each commercial fishing boat is allowed to catch. So far it's been working and the tuna population is on the rise in Atlantic Canada.

    Again, the Prince Edward Island tuna charter fishery practices catch and release, mostly because the stocks became depleted some time ago due to over fishing. The tuna fishery is rebuilding as there is a commercial tuna fishery present in PEI. 

    But no worries, David Sansom of the Tide and Time Tuna Charters gets the tuna fish as close to the boat as possible where the fish is weighed and you can take as many pictures and videos as you want.

    Catching a giant Bluefin is a rare privilege and fishermen and tourists alike will never forget this tremendous experience. Barb-less circle hooks are used to catch the tuna as they minimize any stress on the fish. We all want to treat these massive Bluefins with the respect they deserve.

    PEI Tuna Fishing Charters

    PEI Tuna Fishing Charters are located in North Lake, Prince Edward Island, just off the coast of Nova Scotia.  David runs his tuna charter business out of North Lake, PEI each year taking avid sports fishermen and tourists alike to catch monster bluefin tuna.

    Well known as the “Tuna Capital of the World”, David know too well that summer in PEI certainly is busy with his tuna charter business. Some of his group tuna charters have caught tuna weighing in excess of 1000 pounds or more! The Tide & Time Tuna Charter boat only has to go a couple miles off shore before seeing the tuna jump out of the water. This is when the exictement begins and everyone springs into action.

    PEI Tuna Fishing Charters have no problem offering a private charter to anyone wishing to book a group tuna charter. Each PEI tuna fishing charter comes with an experienced captain and crew onboard for every single deep sea fishing expedition. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner angler or an avid sports fishermen from Boston or South Africa, it will be a memorable experience out on the tuna laden waters of North Lake PEI.

    Full Day Tuna Charters

    Full day Tuna charters are more fun because they increase the odds of you landing a record setting Bluefin tuna.

    The Tide & Time group fishing charters will take you to the most popular tuna fishing grounds off North Lake, Prince Edward Island where all the biggest tuna hang out. A full day of fishing is better as you can sail from spot to spot in search of the huge fish. Bluefin tuna fishing in PEI is now more popular than shark fishing or whale watching says the local PEI tourism office.

    Professional sports fishermen know this is just part of the game and don't have a problem waiting it out. But, before you know it, the tuna start jumping right before your eyes. The tuna charter fishery in PEI runs from mid July to late October each year, so now is the perfect time to book your next tuna fishing adventure!

    Here is what each tuna charter includes;

    • 8 hours on the water
    • Each charter takes 1-6 people onboard
    • Take a light lunch along with beverages and snacks
    • All the tackle, fishing rods, gear and bait are provided by the tuna charter boat

    For more information on tuna charter pricing, please contact David Sansom at 902-393-8690 or email

  • Tuna Fishing in PEI

    If you are looking for a most excellent adventure in PEI this Summer, then why not try tuna fishing in PEI?

    Touted as one of the best deep sea fishing experiences, Tourism PEI boasts not only about beautiful Prince Edward Island, they showcase the tuna fishing charters for good reason. PEI is actually the place where you can catch the worlds largest tuna fish, often weighing in excess of 1000 pounds!

    Sport Fishing in PEI

    Whether you want to go deep sea fishing or sport fishing in PEI you are sure to have no problem booking one of the business tuna charters in PEI - Tide & Time Tuna Charters PEI !!

    When you get onboard you will certainly gain a whole new appreciation for the fishing industry. Deep sea fishing is one of the most exciting adventures you will ever take, similar to zip lining or hang gliding. There is nothing like getting tossed about on the waves holding on to a commercial deep sea fishing rod waiting for a huge 1000 pound tuna to strike at any moment.

    Sport fishermen of all types love catching tuna the best, or so they tell us. The reason may be that the tuna are so big and strong and put up a fight like no other fish. Sport fishing charters in PEI are on the rise the past few years which is great news to local business operators says Tourism PEI.

    Tuna fish are plentiful off the waters of Prince Edward Island, so now is the time to book your tuna charter before the season ends - Call 902-393-8690 !!

    North Lake is generally known as the "tuna capital of the world", which stands to reason mostly because of it's rich feeding grounds in which the tuna grow to record numbers.

    Deep Sea Fishing Charters in PEI

    The most common deep sea fishing charters are tuna charters. Deep sea sport fishing is on the rise in PEI and Nova Scotia the past few years in both the Northumberland Strait and the Buld of St Lawrence.

    During the Summer months and into the Fall is when most tuna charters are booked mostly because these are the places where the tuna spawn. These regions of Atlantic Canada are also rich feeding grounds for the tuna. Sport fisherman, anglers, and tourists alike flock to PEI each year to take part in these exciting deep sea fishing adventures.

    There are a number of ports in PEI that offer tuna fishing charters but North Lake is the busiest by far. Prince Edward Island tourism has risen in the past ten years mostly because of the sport fishing, sea food, and music industry.

    Going out to sea off the waters of North Lake PEI is something you won't soon forget. You can take your family, a group of buddies, or put together 6 of your friends and your all set to go. Captain David Sansom of the Tide & Time Tuna Charters in PEI is one of the most experienced deep sea tuna fishing captains that you will find. He regularly takes out groups of anglers on deep sea fishing charters in the hopes of hooking a monster bluefin tuna, and they usually don't get disappointed.

    Big Game Fish in PEI

    For anyone that has been wanting to catch big game fish like the Bluefin tuna, marlin, shark or swordfish, PEI is your destination for sure. There are qute a few boats in PEI that are equipped to take out group charters of anglers searching for these huge tuna.

    One you get to the tuna grounds off North Lake, Prince Edward Island, your captain will place you in the proper seat with rod in hand. Once your are all set up to catch the tuna, they could strike at any time.

    The fight with the tuna can last for hours and often travel between 5 and 10 kilometers from where they first took the bait. One this is for sure, either you will wear down the tuna, or the tuna will wear you down and you will need assistance in landing it. Nonetheless, a great deep sea sport fishing adventure in PEI.

    Book a Tuna Charter today !!

    Phone: (902) 393-8690  | Email:

  • Tuna Fishing Charters North Lake PEI | Tide & Time Tuna Charters

    If you are looking to book a tuna fishing charters in North Lake PEI, then you will want to hire Tide & Time Tuna Charters, the most experienced and professional tuna charter boat in PEI.

    There is nothing like catching a giant Bluefin tuna in Eastern Canada. For some reason the tuna grow bigger in this area, so it must be the feeds grounds. The tuna tend to grow to be the largest in the world so it's no wonder why anglers and tourists alike want to come to North Lake PEI each summer to land one of these monsters!

    Catch A Giant Bluefin Tuna

    Tide & Time Tuna Fishing Charters have probably taken out close to a thousand tourists and anglers per season. The likelyhood of cathing a giant Bluefin tuna is around 80-90% so there is a very good change that you will land a big one, sometimes weighing in at over 1000 pounds.

    If you want to book a tuna fishing charter in PEI contact captain David Sansom to choose a date for you and your group - (902) 393-8690 | Email:

    Prince Edward Island is one of the best kept secrets in Canada! Big game fishing it one of the best experiences reported to Tourism PEI each year. So that is why so many people travel to PEI from across Canada and the United States to go tuna fishing for giant Bluefin Tuna.

    This tuna fishing video above was given to us courtesy of Gordie Snyder. This huge 850 pound tuna was caught off of North Lake PEI on the tuna charter boat "Tide & Time Tuna Charters". It was a great day in which the group caught not one but two monster bluefin tuna fish!

    What an experience it was catching tuna fish in PEI. We couldn't have asked for a better tuna fishing experience by captain Dave Sansom! Dave made sure our tuna charter group waswell taken care of on board. I highly recommend this tuna charter boat out of North Lake PEI !! Book your own tuna fishing adventure today aboard Tide & Time Charters!

    Tuna Fishing Season in Atlantic Canada

    The tuna fishing season in Atlantic Canada runs from June to October each year mostly because this is when schools of Giant Bluefin Tuna come to Atlantic Canada namely in the North Lake PEI region.

    The temperature of the water seems to be perfect for the tuna. Also, this seems to be the main feeding grounds for the tuna. The Bluefin tuna seem to thrive in this area and tuna fishing charters in PEI are aware of these facts, but don't believe in catching every single tuna that hook. They believe strongly in preserving the species so this is why most deep sea tuna charters practice "catch and release".

    Prince Edward Island is the perfect getaway place with beaches, seafood, great places to stay, and tuna fishing so plan your next vacation and come visit PEI this summer! While you are at it don't forget to book your tuna charter in advance so you won't be shut out when the time comes.

    Tide and Time Tuna Charters are the best and most affordable tuna fishing charter company in PEI with decades of lobster and tuna fishing experience.

    Call to Reserve your tuna charter today (902) 393-8690!

  • Bluefin Tuna PEI

    The Bluefin Tuna in PEI are amongst the largest tuna caught anywhere in the world. This is the reason that you see the influx of thousands of tourists each summer coming to North Lake PEI to try their luck catching one of these monster Bluefin Tuna! The tuna fishing season in North Lake, PEI runs from July to October, wih most of the giant Bluefin being caught in the Northern part of PEI off North Lake.

    Catching a bluefin tuna is on most fisherman's bucket list. Prince Edward Island is the destination of many tourists and anglers alike from all over the world. There are many tuna charters in PEI to choose from if you want to try your luck at catching one of these powerful fish.

    Deep Sea Fishing in PEI

    Many Maritimers and people from all over the world come to go deep sea fishing in PEI each year.

    Prince Edward Island is known for Anne of Green Gables, potatoes, lobsters, and bluefin tuna fishing. Hundreds of tourists visit the beautiful province of PEI every summer. One of the best ways to experience PEI is to deep sea fishing with an experienced tuna charter captain like David Sansom. David runs Tide & Time Tuna Charters, which sails out of North Lake PEI, the tuna capital of the world.

    Deep sea fishing is an experience that the whole family can enjoy. While on vacation head on up to the North Lake area of PEI to book a tuna charter. You won't be sorry!

    Most charter boats, like the Tide & Time tuna, use traditional “jig” fishing lines and heavier type fishing rods and reels to catch the tuna. You don't have to travel very far off shore to catch one of these Bluefins. Usualy two to three miles off shore is the tuna feeding grounds. So while it's called deep sea fishing, it's not like twenty miles out to sea. Most fishermen like to jig mackerel, cod or herring while on board, as they are waiting for the tuna to hit.

    Don't forget to take a camera as the sunsets are amazing and you may see many different types of seabirds, seas, and even whales in the Gulf of St Lawrence or Northumberland Strait areas off PEI.

    Life jackets are provided by the crew of the tuna boat so you don't have to worry about bring this or any other type of gear for that matter. Just bring a lunch and maybe your sunscreen. Nothing but sun and fun here in PEI.

    1000 Pound Tuna Caught in PEI

    This was an unforgettable experince catching a 1000 pound tuna off PEI last year. It took about 4 hours to catch this large bluefin tuna! The guys were exhausting landing this 1000 pound bluefin tuna on the tuna charter boat "Tide & Time" captained by David Sansom. It is an experience of a lifetime catching one of these beauties!


    At PEI Tuna Charters, David runs this private charter boat for several months of the year. You can simply book a deep sea tuna charter with David by emailing or phoning (902) 393-8690