Go Tuna Fishing with
Tide & Time Charters!

Imagine you, a rod and reel,
and a giant bluefin tuna on the hook. 

There’s nothing quite like the rush you get when you battle head to head with a monster Bluefin tuna! Experience the fight and the fun of chasing the elusive tuna fish aboard the "Tide and Time Tuna Fishing Charters" with Captain David Sansom. David has the years of experience, the knowledge of where to fish and the tuna fishing gear to ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime!

A little about Tide & Time...

Tide & Time is a deep sea tuna charter business operating out of North Lake, PEI. Whether you are a seasoned sport fisherman or a new angler, you will enjoy this amazing fishing opportunity. North Lake is becoming famous for the Bluefin Tuna that migrate through every summer very close off the coast of Prince Edward Island. This means you are able to hook a giant 1,000 lb tuna within a relatively short time. Less time getting to the fish, means more time fishing!

Check out the tuna fishing videos and testimonials for more info on fishing bluefin tuna in PEI with Tide & Time Tuna Fishing Charters.